Friday, March 28, 2014

Hollywood Homes and Famous spots

My friend and I took a Hollywood homes tour.  Our tour guide was fantastic.  I couldn't keep track of all the places he showed us.  If ever traveling to L.A. I recommend one of these tours.

I saw more than one shop dedicated to all things British.  I wish one of those shops were near me!

The iconic sign announcing where you are

Many celebrities can be found in L.A. I spotted Jesus. 

Walt's star

Betty is still trendy, so I'm glad I saw this star

The red carpet really is red.  There was a premier at the TCL Chinese Theater.

"You work on comission, right?  Big mistake...huge"
"It had to be the top floor.  It's the best"

"Yippee ki yay"  We drove by Nakatomi Tower

I think this is Meryl Streep's house

This is Leo DiCaprio's house his mom lives next door and tends to take her water hose on tours.
She left ours alone, I was rather disappointed. 

I saw a lot of houses, and took a lot of pictures.  I can't remember them all, I think this was Simon Cowell's.

The Hollywood Sign.  It doesn't light up, and you can't go up the hill any more.

L.A. at night

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