Friday, March 28, 2014

Santa Monica Beaches

Beaches in L.A. are very different than New England beaches.  Most noticibly the sand.  There is a loooooooong stretch of sand before you get to the water.  And I hear these beaches get crowded.  I find that to be very hard, considering how crowded Cape Cod or Maine beaches get.  The water was cool, but not freezing, but cold enough that all I did was dip my feet.  

My friend and I did a beach clean-up one afternoon with her school.  A student organized the whole event, which I think is fantastic.  While we were picking up plastic tops, a needle, a liquer bottle (really this was the cleanest beach of trash that I have seen) I noticed there was a lot of black stuff blended in the sand.  I was told it was tar, and at the shoreline there were large clumps of smelly tar.  I find this more concerning than trash.  But the tar comes from the ocean, gets blended in the sand and sticks to your feet.  I would love to see a cleanup of the tar.  It is such a beautiful beach otherwise.

This beach is tar-free.  Miles of lovely soft sand.
That black stuff? Tar blended in the sand.  It get in your feet, everywhere really.

Long stretches of tar in the sand

clumps of tar were as big as my foot

Santa Monica beach at night.  Just beautiful.

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