Friday, April 04, 2014

Isla Mujeres Day 1

Traveling to Isla Mujeres requires a plane, a taxi, and a ferry ride. My flight was delayed by 45 min, and then in the Cancun airport the computers at immigration were down. So we had to wait, and wait, and wait. I offered to take a look at their computers, or have them do the check-in old school, I had a pen I was willing to share. After almost an hour  they did just that, not the me helping with computers, but they began doing check-in old school. Right before I got to my agent the computers were up and running.

I found my luggage and went outside to meet my prebooked cab. Miracle beyond miracle, they were still there, about 2 hours after I was supposed to land. I was so thankful they were still there.

It's a pleasant half hour drive to the ferry, and once at the dock I had a moment to take in the beautiful water, while eating a burrito, may it be the first of many. I highly recommend the bar that is part of the dock, delicious food, friendly service. The ferry is small, not what I am used to for ferries, nothing like the Cape Island ferries. So be prepared for a bumpy ride. I stayed inside as I had not put on sunscreen. The weather is glorious, sunny and high 80's. A sweet breeze keeps the humidity way down. 

I bumped into other attendees of the wedding when asking directions to my hotel, the man said we had to take a cab, but I knew it was close, only a few blocks, so I insisted on walking. I'm glad I did as it only took us about 15 minutes, and asking two more times where to go.

I am staying on Hidalgo Street, there are tons of vendors and restaurants, and my little hotel is tucked in.  Los Arcos is clean, quiet, has a fridge, microwave and wi-fi.  Really I don't need more than the fridge and wi-fi.  I was so happy to arrive, that after a little relaxing I was refreshed (and hungry) and went exploring.  When I was having a drink, I bumped into Chris, who was heading in the direction of my hotel.  I was the last of the wedding party to arrive, most have been here for days, but I'm here! 

Los Arcos on the busy street.

My first guac and chips, may it be the first of many!

The view from Christy's hotel.  Mine is of a back alley, so I won't show that.  Christy's is beautiful.

Two goofballs

The water and sunset here is spectacular.

I had to put on my suit and go swimming at night.  It was so beautiful and warm, I'm so glad I did.

Fish tacos.  I love the food here!

The street I am staying on.  My hotel is the orange building.

Stray dogs and cats are everywhere,  People put collars on them, but they still are strays.
They are very friendly and are used to tourists feeding them.  

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