Sunday, April 06, 2014

Isla Mujeres Day 3

Saturday I planned to be my play day, anything I wanted to do, I would do it.  I bumped into some of Christy's family (her Dad's side) and we went to the Christy approved breakfast spot, Cafe Mogagua. I was still sore from all the dancing (I think everyone had swollen feet, I heard the party finally broke up around 3 or 4am)  so I treated myself to a waffle, something I never order, I usually get eggs, but this was amazing, and all the fruit!  So fresh!

I wanted to to a little shopping next,  The Island is known for its silver and other crafts, but I knew I wanted a necklace.  The shops were open and vendors kept beckoning me into their space, but I like to stroll and check things out that interest me.  So I said a lot of "no gracias" as I kept walking.  I did find some nice jewlery from a seller named Wiley.  He was really nice, and took my American dollars.  Interesting thing about money here.  It is better to have pesos, you can bargin better.  And American dollars are accepted at many places, but they have to be prestine, no writing, not even a single tear.  Banks give people a very hard time and often won't cash a less than perfect bill.  Now I know why my bank lady kept looking to give me fresh bills, she must have known this.  And pesos have to be ordered in advance at my bank.  Next time I would just go to a bank here and withdraw pesos, you get the best rate that way.

Christy had stopped by my hotel earlier before breakfast and told me that they were going back to the club to relax and get some stuff left over from last night.  So after shopping I headed on over and joined them at the pool.  It was fun seeing the place during the day, dance floor gone.  I relaxed in the pool I had been dancing in the night before.  I still wish that I had brought my bathing suit to the wedding.  I wonder how that would have been written on the invitation?  And this little guy was just chillin' by the steps.  Lizzards are like squirrles here.

And the few things meant all the leftover booze.  If a bottle of hard liquer was unopened, they could sell it back to the resort.  Opened, they saved it and Christiane is giving it to her family.  No tequila was left.

Christy, Daliza and I went to see the Turtles, something I really wanted to do so I was happy I could join in. I had a choice of Aztec ruins or turtles, and I chose turtles.  I believe I chose wisely.  We went at the end of the day, and one of the workers let us hold everything.  He was a sweet old man who simply loved Daliza, adorable!

Some of these turtles are deformed, and this center rescues them.  I got to hold big and baby turtles, sea urchines, star fish, I was less adventurous about the crabs.  Since I'm allergic, I know I probably would be just fine, but I didn't want to risk it.  Plus, they were REALLY creepy looking.  Turtles are cute.

Daliza has no fear!

And she was really concerned about the giant snail falling out.

Everyone loved the baby turtles, damaged ones and all.

         Chris is a great driver.  She let me do slow donuts in the parking lot, but the roads can be a bit crazy.
                                                          I was content to let her drive.

We had one last dip in the ocean, and I had tacos on the beach since I was really hungry.  The water and food are what I will miss most, so I made sure to get my fill of them.  Then I was told we were all meeting for a late dinner, oh well.  The tacos were still good.

The Island had a blackout, it was only for an hour or so.  So many people lit the streets with candles and flashlights.  One musician on top of a restaurant played "free falling" in Spanish on his guitar.  It was delightful.  

Another table bought us champagne.  So the girls had a nice toast.

A friend ordered the salted fish, that only comes for two, so a bunch of us shared.  It had to be cracked open and the fish was baked in this salt block, the skin fell off and delicious red snapper, a white fish, was left.  Amazing, not salty at all!  So fresh, so good!

I ordered the simple salad to share, since I had the tacos earlier I really was not hungry.  But salad and fish soon disappeared with everyone at the table.

We were all exhausted, it was a long perfect day.  Daliza did what all of us wished we could have done.

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