Monday, July 15, 2013

London by the Numbers

Number of tube rides= 24
Number of times my face was uncomfortably close to a smelly armpit= 3
Number of times " Due to the extremely hot weather, it is advisable that riders carry a bottle of water with them" was announced on the tube=5
Number of days temp was in the 80's=11
Number of days it rained=1 (for an hour)
Number of times a Londoner said to me " You brought the lovely weather with you, we never have weather like this" = 6
Number of times I thought "Liar, it was this hot the last time I was here"=6
Number of nights the Oxford cat jumped through my window and slept on the spare bed=5
Number of afternoon teas I had= 1
Number of pasties I ate= 1
Number of fish and chips dinners=2
Number of castles I visited=2
Number of museums visited=??? More than 5
Number of libraries visited=??? several
Number of evensong masses=1
Number of times I took a nap in a park=3
Number of times I had a delicious single vanilla cone no flake ice cream for lunch=5
Number of people I met from Massachusetts=7
Number of times I asked for directions= daily
Number of times I got lost=2 (both times in Victoria Station)
Number of times I gave directions (accurately)=3
Number of plays attended=4
Number of hats knitted=6
Number of times I was nearly run over by a biker=5
Number of times I saw someone get hit by a bike=4
Number of fantabulous memories from this trip= thousands, millions, there really is no number

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